Alabama Beekeepers Association  

Master Beekeeper Program 

The below listed beekeepers achieved Alabama Master Beekeepers certification at the 2012 convention for the levels listed below.
Robert Burns George Baldwin Margie Robertson
Loyd Mehaffey Dee Boylan Rosyln Horton      
Lonnie Funderburg  Gary Condray Donald Short   
Donna Williams Justin Saurder Thomas Knighton
Jim Barry Robert shoemaker Mark McKissack
C.W. Flint Lawrence Pelotto  
Keith Fletcher Wil Montgomery  
Danny Skillman Jack Swaim Jillian Woodruff
Kirk Patterson William Good Heather Luther
Margaret Nicolosi Glen Good Kenneth Johnson
Joe Nicolosi Sandy Good Marilynn Parker
Troy Smith Jerry Miller Jim Davis
Ellis Tatum Jessica Mouser Stephanie Masters

Certified Journeyman Instructors for all levels of the Alabama

   Master Beekeeper Program 

David Kelton  Director Jimmy Carmack Bill Mullins
Dr. Jim Tew  Advisor Damon Wallace Fred Harrison
Allyson Andrews Gerry Whitaker  
David Ellis Bob Fanning  

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Alabama kicked off a new Master Beekeepers certification Program at the 2011 annual State Convention with Apprentice level classes and exams.   Journeyman level classes and exams were offered at the 2012 annual convention along with the second offering of the Apprentice level.    The program is open to all area beekeepers that meet the minimum qualification requirements.   Click here for a program description, Click here for levels offered and minimum requirements.    The above listed candidates successfully passed the levels indicated.


The cost of the test for the Apprentice class and exam is $40.00 per student.     Click here for an application for the apprentice program.      An application form will also be included in the upcoming issues of the ABA newsletter "The Stinger".   


In order to apply for any of the Master beekeeping programs, you must be a member of the Alabama Beekeepers Association and your bees must be registered with the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industry.    Click here for an application for membership in the Alabama Beekeepers Association (annual membership fee $10).    Click here for the forms necessary to register your bees with the Department of Agriculture and Industry (Annual fee based on the number of hives).


If you have any questions or comments, please contact David Kelton , Chairman of the Master Beekeepers Program committee or any of the committee members listed below

This is a new program so please check back here for updates.


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