Regional beekeeping classes

The below listed classes are available to anyone interested in getting started in beekeeping or is simply curious about honeybees and beekeeping

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The intent of this page is to list all beginners beekeeping classes that are offered by any of the affiliated regional beekeeping associations.

NOTICE: If you are working toward becoming an Alabama Certified Master Beekeeper, these classes do not meet the requirements of the Alabama Master Beekeepers lecture series.  

If you are a member of an affiliated regional beekeeping association and know of any planned classes, please send dates, times, location, sponsoring organization, point of contact (preferably email or phone number), URL of your Webpages (if your association has a Webpage) and any other class related information to the Webmaster.

The following organizations have notified the Webmaster of the following classes.   
Associations are listed in the order they were reported to the webmaster.

Madison County Area

The Madison County Beekeepers Association proudly presents:

Practical Beekeeping Course 2020

A four-night class designed to provide the beginner beekeeper with all the information needed to get started managing honey bees.

About this Event

Practical Beekeeping Course 2020

Are you interested in learning about honey bees? Do you want to keep your own hives and become a beekeeper, or are you just curious about what that involves? Then this is the course for you. This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of beekeeping. We welcome anyone who has an interest in the honey bee.

The Madison County Beekeepers Association annual class for beginner beekeepers:


Session 1 - Tuesday, January 7th, 2020

Session 2 - Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

Session 3 - Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

Session 4 - Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

Note: All four sessions are required to complete the course.

Time: 5:30 - 9 PM each Tuesday

  • Cost:
  • $25 per person
  • $30 per family
  • Children under 18 attend free with a registered adult
  • Registration includes a one-year membership to MCBA.

Class size is limited, and advance registration is required!

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Houston County Area

2020 Beginning Beekeeping Course

Classroom: Feb. 22, 29, Mar. 7, 14

Dothan Westgate Library
535 Recreation Road, Dothan AL

Field Day: March 28

Landmark Park
430 Landmark Dr, Dothan, AL

This course is designed to supply a novice beekeeper with all the information needed to take bee colonies from their inception through their first year. Attending the classroom sessions is free, but for $35, you will get a copy of “First Lessons in Beekeeping”, all the class handouts, and a year’s membership in the Wiregrass Beekeepers Association.
The four classroom sessions will be held at the Dothan Westgate Library Community Room, 535 Recreation Road Dothan AL. They start at 2 pm and run for about 2 hours. The field session will start at 1 PM at Landmark Park Farm Museum, 430 Landmark Drive, Dothan, AL. Questions? Call Bill Miller at (334)794-8362 or e-mail him at
Saturday, Feb. 22-2 pm (classroom): Welcome to Beekeeping and Equipment Overview We’ll discuss beekeeping costs, time and products. We will also go over equipment needs and sources and assembling equipment.
Saturday, Feb. 29- 2 pm (classroom): The Bees and The Colony The bees in a colony come in three basic types – worker, drone, and queen. We’ll discuss each type’s unique biology, life cycle, and functions. We’ll also discuss how the three types of bees form a working colony, and how it develops in its first year. We’ll look at some of the things you will see as you examine your colonies.
Saturday March 7- 2 pm (classroom): Bee Diseases and Alabama Bee Laws We’ll cover Alabama registration requirements and common bee diseases.
Saturday, March 14- 2 pm (classroom): The Beekeeper's Year and Working a Colony We’ll discuss the beekeeper’s year, what is done when, and demonstrate working a colony (classroom session with no bees).
Saturday, March 28- 1 pm: Live Colony Field Session at the Landmark Park Apiary (beekeeping protective gear required!)We will be working with live colonies, so beekeeping protective gear (at least a veil) will be required for all participants. We will meet at Landmark Park outside the Farm Museum then go over to the apiary. We’ll put on protective gear, light smokers, and inspect the hives, emphasizing proper hive working procedure. We’ll evaluate the colonies, find the three types of bees, and probably find a few unwelcome pests too.

Baldwin County Area
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Etowah County Area

Our annual Field Day will be March 14th. From 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM.

The cost is $50.00 and includes lunch and all other food, snacks, drinks, handouts and door prizes.

Bring your lawn chair, bee gear and Smoker.

This class covers all aspects of Beekeeping, with hands on activity in the Beekeeping world


  • How to light your smoker.
  • Installing Package bees in the hive.
  • Hive inspection.
  • How to properly work your hive.
  • How to recognize the brood, eggs, larva, honey, and pollen.
  • See and learn the difference in the worker, drones and queen bees, all the hive.
  • How to work your own hive and what you need to look for inside the hive.

This is a great learning experience for anyone starting Beekeeping or anyone that needs a refresher course in Beekeeping.

For more info or to register call:

Lookout Mountain Honey Bees


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