Alabama Beekeepers Association Youth In Beekeeping Award

In 2016, recepient of the Youth in Beekeeping Award was David Michaels.  

David Michaels is the 2016 Alabama Young Beekeeper recipient. David received the bulk of his beekeeping equipment at the Alabama Beekeepers State Meeting September 30 - October 1, 2016. David will be mentored in the art of beekeeping for the next two years by the Central Alabama Beekeepers Association.  


In 2015, the first recepient of the Youth in Beekeeping Award was Elizabeth Wilkins.  

Elizabeth Wilkins, age 10 (almost 11)  from Enterprise Al. is the winner of the Youth in Beekeeping award for the year 2015.    The award was presented by Roslyn Horton (Youth In Beekeeping program committee chairman).   

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