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Oxalic Acid Approved in Alabama

U.S. beekeepers report record rate of colony loss over 2018-19 winter (Click here for detail report)

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The objective of the Alabama Beekeepers Association is:

To assist in checking the spread of honey bee diseases, to spread and exchange information on experiences, ideas and improved methods of production and sale of queens, package bees and honey, to inform the public of the importance and value of honey bees as pollinators of plants and of honey as food for man and to elevate the business of beekeeping to a place of eminence in the agricultural industry.  

Upcoming Meetings / Events:

Alabama Beekeepers Assoc
North Region Spring Picnic
May 2 , 2020 Cullman county fair grounds
Alabama Beekeepers Association annual Conference September 18 & 19, 2020 Clanton Conference & Performing Arts Center
1850 Lay Dam Road
Clanton, Alabama 35045

If you are not receiving the STINGER, Newsletter of the Alabama Beekeepers Association, you are missing the knowledge base from over 900 beekeepers in your area.   Join the ABA now and benefit from membership in the Association.     Sorry copies of the current STINGER are only available to ABA members.    Back issues are available to all.   Click here for a list of available back issues that you can view or download.

Apiary Inspection Program:

Apiary Inspection services are provided by the Alabama Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (ADA&CS), Plant Industry Division, Plant Protection Section, Apiary Services. Visit the Apiary Services web site for details of the services provided, regulations, and recommendations about beekeeping.     Check with the state Apiary Services for instructions for submitting honeyubees for lab test.    (Note, the URL on large wepages such as the state Apiary Unit change frequently.    If any of the links icluded  on this page do not work, pleae notify the Webmaster Webmaster so I can find the new link and make the correction.)

The Alabama State Law regarding honeybees and beekeeping is included in The code of Alabama 1965, Title 2 (Agriculture).

The strength of the beekeeping industry in Alabama is in large part due to the historical close cooperation between the ABA beekeepers and the Apiary Inspectors.  We encourage and expect all beekeepers to continue that cooperation by following any regulations set forth by the Apiary Services as they endeavor to identify, contain, and eradicate honey bee pests, mitigate beekeeping industry problems, and train beekeepers to do so as well.

Get acquainted with your inspectors.  Avail yourself of their services.  You will be a better beekeeper for it!

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